Outreach and Education

Education & Outreach

The Historic Preservation Office educates residents about the historic preservation process and provides outreach to other organizations that celebrate and share our County’s rich history. These responsibilities include administration of the Historic Preservation Commission Grant Fund, creation of educational brochures and coordination of annual heritage events within Montgomery County. M-NCPPC owns several historic sites that are currently open to the public, often through partnerships with non-profit groups. The Historic Preservation Office provides cultural interpretation of these resources in the County and communicates their history to the public.

  • About Us Learn about the history and responsibilities of the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission and the Montgomery County Planning Department’s Historic Preservation Office.
  • Links to Outside Organizations Websites of community, County, state and national organizations that specialize in historic preservation, history and heritage. Check our list.
  • Recommended Reading There are numerous resources available to assist you in researching the history of Montgomery County. Listed on this page are books that you may find helpful. Enjoy a visit to the library of the Montgomery County Historical Society or the public library in your community to further research our historic County.
Last Updated: September 27, 2016