Forest and Tree Planting: Public Replanting Projects

Forest Planting

Since 2008, the Planning Department has been involved with major reforestation projects in Montgomery County stream valley parks to improve water quality and habitat. Funded by developer contributions to our Forest Conservation Fund, the replanting projects have created close over 25 acres of new stream valley forests within five of Montgomery County’s Stream Valley and Conservation parks.

Reddy Branch Stream Valley Park, Brookeville

Volunteers helped environmental planners plant hundreds of trees.Volunteers helped environmental planners plant and care for hundreds of trees.

Located in the watershed of the Patuxent Reservoirs, where stream water quality is particularly important, Reddy Branch’s reforestation project has returned approximately eight acres of stream valley to a forested condition.  The Izaak Walton League helps to maintain over 1,500 young and newly planted trees.

Rock Creek Park, Chevy Chase

Rock_Creek_Park_Chevy_ChaseIn fall 2008, environmental planners oversaw a planting of 500 trees on 2.5 acres along Beach Drive in Chevy Chase. After extensive work to control invasive weeds in the stream valley by the Department of Parks, the tree-planting project got underway.   The site has been expanded to include Ray’s Meadow on the other side of Rock Creek for a total of approximately five and a half acres of new forest.  This is a popular site for corporate volunteer groups to help maintain the young trees.


Watts Branch Stream Valley Park, Potomac

Watts_Branch_Stream_Valley_Park_PotomacThis site is floodplain area along the main stem of Watts Branch, just upstream from the Potomac Filtration Plant Intake.  Used for animals grazing for many years, it has been reclaimed as a floodplain forest.  More than 1,000 trees were planted in the field to jumpstart its return to a natural setting.  With additional plantings, there is approximately 8 acres of planted forest.

Rachel Carson Conservation Park, Laytonsville

Located along the banks of the Hawlings River, this 3-acre section of floodplain is being returned to a natural forested condition.  This site is located in the Patuxent River watershed upstream of one of Montgomery County’s drinking water reservoirs.  A forested floodplain will stabilize the stream banks, cool the stream, and in many ways improve water quality and wildlife habitat.

Oak Ridge Conservation Park, Damascus

This park is located in the headwaters of Little Bennett Creek, one of the most sensitive and high quality watersheds in the County.  This planting effort is reclaiming sensitive stream valleys and wetlands from active agriculture to a natural forested condition.  Large sections of the lower part of the watershed are in park ownership as Little Bennett Regional Park.  These seven acres of newly planted forest will contribute to protection of water quality of Little Bennett Creek.

Last Updated: November 10, 2016