Approved and Adopted April 2005

The goals of the Master Plan are to:

  • Reinforce the concept of Olney as a satellite community in the residential and agricultural wedge area.
  • Protect the Patuxent watershed including the drinking water reservoir, and agricultural and rural open space.
  • Protect the low-density character of the Southeast Quadrant.
  • Provide a wide choice of housing types and neighborhoods for people of all income levels and ages at appropriate densities and locations.”

Olney Master Plan coverCouncil Resolution (pdf, 2885KB)*

Abstract & Table of Contents [PDF] (pdf, 264KB)*

List of Figures [PDF] (pdf, 264KB)*
Location Map
Planning Concept
Regional Location
Geographic Areas
Rural Communities
Proposed Southeast Quadrant Concept
Specific Properties
Town Center Context
Town Center Concept
Town Center Existing Zoning
Town Center Proposed Zoning
Town Center Pedestrian and Bicycle Circulation Concept
Forest Preservation Priorities
Biodiversity Areas Within Parkland
Green Infrastructure
Stream Quality
Stream Management Strategy
Special Protection Area
Roadway Network
Bikeway Network
Existing and Proposed Parkland
Countywide Park Trails Network
Historic Resources
Community Facilities
Public Schools
Southern Olney Existing Zoning With Recommended Changes
Sewer Service Areas
Legacy Open Space Recommendations

List of Tables [PDF] (pdf, 132KB)*
Senior Housing Facilities in the Olney Area
Evaluation of Interim Rustic Roads
Roadway Classifications
Proposed Bikeways
Existing Public Schools in the Olney Master Plan Area
Recommended Zoning Changes
Properties with Proposed Parkland Acquisition
Legacy Open Space Recommendations for Class III (Appendix D) Sites
Natural Resources and Legacy Open Space

Summary [PDF] (pdf, 2.55MB)*

Background and Content [PDF] (pdf, 3.2MB)*
Planning History
Population Profile
Challenges Ahead

Land Use Plan [PDF] (pdf, 1.25MB)*
The Land Use Plan
Olney as a Satellite Town
Northern Olney
Rural Communities
Southeast Quadrant
Specific Property Recommendations
Protection of Existing Communities

Town Center Plan [PDF] (pdf, 1.37MB)*
Major Issues
Proposed Concept
Mixed Land Use
Civic Center and Town Commons
Pedestrian Circulation
Urban Design

Housing Plan [PDF] (pdf, 184KB)*
Affordable Housing
Senior Housing

Environmental Resources Plan [PDF] (pdf, 1.65MB)*
Habitat Resources
Forest Resources
Wetland Resources
Biodiversity Areas
Green Infrastructure and Greenways
Water Resources
Air Quality

Transportation Plan [PDF] (pdf, 1.1MB)*
Travel Forecasting
Road Network
Major Highways and Arterial Roadways
Intercounty Connector/Western Connector
Georgia Avenue Interchange with Norbeck Road
Norbeck Road
Brookeville Bypass
Old Baltimore Road
Bowie Mill Road
Cashell Road
Heritage Hills Drive
Two-Lane Road Policy
Residential Streets
Cherry Valley Drive Extended
Town Center Roads
Appomattox Avenue
Buehler Road
Spartan Road
Hillcrest Avenue
North High Street
Southeast Quadrant Roadway Network
Rustic Roads
Batchellors Forest Road
Brighton Dam Road
Triadelphia Lake Road
Local Intersection Improvements
Public Transportation
Georgia Avenue Busway
Roadway Network and Functional Classification
Bikeway Network

Parks and Recreation Plan [PDF] (pdf, 693KB)*
Recreation Opportunities
Resource Protection
Trail Corridors

Historic Resources Plan [PDF] (pdf, 679KB)*
History of Olney
Protection of Historic Resources

Community Facilities Plan [PDF] (pdf, 331KB)*
Olney Library
Public Safety
Olney Post Office
Olney Theatre

Implementation Plan [PDF] (pdf, 1.12MB)
Redevelopment of Town Center
Mixed-Use Town Center (MXTC) Zone
Advisory Committee
Civic Center
Environmental Resource Protection
Community Sewer Service
Community Water Service
Summary of Parkland Recommendations
Legacy Open Space Recommendations

Appendices [PDF] (pdf, 86KB)
Appendix A: County Council Resolution
Appendix B: M-NCPPC Resolution of Approval and Adoption

Last Updated: October 5, 2016