Germantown Churchill Village Sector Plan

The Germantown Churchill Village Sector Plan will update the community’s Town-Sector (T-S) zoning to reflect current zoning classifications.


In October 1968, the T-S zone was approved for the entire Churchill Village community through Zoning Application No. F-148. This zone provided the mechanism to build a planned “new town” on 1,500 acres of largely undeveloped land. Such towns, to the extent possible, were to provide all the land uses needed to make a community reasonably self-sufficient, except for major employment and central business district shopping.

The T-S zoning approval included a 50-year sunset provision, after which time the prohibition on new zoning applications will cease. This sunset provision is set to expire in October 2018 and is the primary reason for this sector plan amendment.

Plan Boundary

The sector plan project boundary includes all land currently zoned T-S in Churchill Village (map coming soon!).


The Germantown Churchill Village Sector Plan officially began in April 2018, with staff conducting pre-planning background research and analysis. The plan’s major milestones are outlined below.

Last Updated: July 19, 2018