Damascus (2006)

Damascus Master Plan 2006

The 2006 Damascus Master Plan amends parts of the 1982 Damascus Plan as amended in 1985 and 1993.

Abstract & Table of Contents (pdf, 351KB)

List of Illustrations (pdf, 78KB)
Previous and Current Master Plan Boundaries2006 Damascus Master Plan Cover
Wedges and Corridors
Proposed Land Use and Density
Town Center Framework
Town Center Boundary
Town Center Illustrative
Town Center Main Street Concept
Damascus Lane Concept
Transition Areas – Developable Sites
Roadway Network Classifications
Bikeway Network
Existing and Proposed Parkland, Trails, and Open Space
Existing and Proposed Parkland
Damascus Area Proposed Amendments to the Countywide Park and Trails Plan
Legacy Open Space Recommendations
Community Facilities
Historic Sites
Transfer Development Rights Receiving Areas
Existing Zoning
Proposed Zoning
Transition Properties Proposed for Zoning Change
Rural Villages – Browningsville, Etchison, and Purdum
Public Sewer Envelope

List of Table (pdf, 78KB)
Maximum Yield from Existing Zones in the Town Center
Summary of Optional Method TDR Potential
Street and Highway Classifications
Proposed Bikeway Classifications
Existing Parks in Damascus
Summary of Parkland Recommendations
Legacy Open Space Recommendations
Summary of Zoning Change Recommendations

Introduction (pdf, 646KB)
Community Vision
Plan Highlights
Description of Master Plan Area
Master Plan Framework

Land Use Plan (pdf, 2051KB)
Town Center
Transition Areas
Rural Areas

Housing (pdf, 248KB)
Residential Development Opportunities
Housing Analysis
Demographic Trends

Transportation (pdf, 544KB)
Roadway Network and Classifications
Air Transportation
Bikeway and Pedestrian Improvements
Transit and Travel Demand Management

Environmental Resources (pdf, 338KB)
Forest Resources
Air Quality and Noise

Community Facilities (pdf, 1.5MB)
Trails Plan
Open Space
Community Recreation Facilities
Public Facilities
Public Safety

Historic Preservation Plan (pdf, 369KB)
Protection of Historic Resources

Implementation Plan (pdf, 1757KB)
Town Center Zoning
TDR Potential
Transition Areas
Rural Areas
Special Exception Guidelines
Community Water and Sewer Service Recommendations

Acknowledgements (pdf, 36KB)

County Council Resolution 15-1485 Approval of Planning Board Draft Damascus Master Plan (pdf, 36KB)


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