Kemp Mill

Approved and Adopted 2001

Table of Contents [PDF]

Plan Highlights [PDF]

Introduction [PDF]
Master Plan Area Boundary
A Short Development History of the Kemp Mill Master Plan Area
Planning Context
Master Plan Area Today
Demographic Profile

The Plan [PDF]
Plan Vision
Plan Concept
Land Use and Zoning Plan
Transportation Network
Environmental Resources
Historic Preservation
Community Facilities Plan

Implementation [PDF]
Public Facilities

Appendix [PDF]

List of Figures

  1. The Kemp Mill Community and Center
  2. Kemp Mill Master Plan Area
  3. 1967 Master Plan Neighborhoods
  4. Regional Location
  5. Existing Land Use
  6. Existing Zoning
  7. Land Use Plan
  8. 1967 Arcola Center
  9. 2001 Kemp Mill Center
  10. Zoning Plan
  11. Existing and Future Peak Operating Conditions
  12. Street and Highway Plan
  13. Bikeway Plan
  14. Community Water and Sewer
  15. Water Quality and Priority Sub-watersheds
  16. Park and Trail Concept Plan
  17. Community Facilities and Linkages Plan

List of Tables

  1. Smart Growth Program Areas
  2. Recommended Street and Highway Classifications
  3. Recommended Bikeway Network
  4. Public Parks in Kemp Mill
  5. Recommended Public Facilities Improvements
Last Updated: February 3, 2017