Forest Glen

Approved and Adopted 1996

NOTE: Please be aware that the page numbering shown on each page does not apply to this media. The numbers shown at the bottom of each page do not correspond to the printed version of the Master Plan. The complete document is represented by the index below.

Details [PDF] (pdf, 414KB)

Introduction [PDF] (pdf, 555KB)

  • Overview of the Planning Process
  • Planning History
    • 1964 General Plan and 1969 General Plan Refinement
    • 1978 Sector Plan for the Forest Glen Impact Area
    • 1989 Master Plan for the Communities of Kensington-Wheaton
    • Maryland Planning Act of 1992
    • 1993 General Plan Refinement

Planning Policies [PDF] (pdf, 180KB)

  • Plan Vision
  • Planning Goals

Land Use and Zoning [PDF] (pdf, 1.17MB)

  • Forest Glen East
  • Forest Glen West
  • Historic Preservation

Transportation [PDF] (pdf, 1.46MB)

  • Street and Highway Plan
  • Transit Plan
  • Bikeway and Sidewalk Plan
  • Deletions from Previous Plans

Design Guidelines [PDF] (pdf, 888KB)

  • The Neighborhoods
  • The Streets
  • The Open Space System

Community Facilities [PDF] (pdf, 224KB)

The Environment [PDF] (pdf, 269KB)

  • Environmental Features
  • Water Quality
  • Noise
  • Air Quality
  • Importance of Individual Action

Implementation [PDF] (pdf, 287KB)

  • Zoning
  • Special Studies
  • Green Corridors
  • Staging

Resolution [PDF] (pdf, 442KB)

List of Figures

  1. Location Map
  2. Master Plan Process
  3. Georgia Avenue Metro Stations
  4. Kensington-Wheaton Planning Area Boundary
  5. Land Use Issues
  6. Existing Land Use
  7. Proposed Land Use
  8. Existing Zoning
  9. Proposed Zoning
  10. Property Owned or Leased by Holy Cross Hospital
  11. Holy Cross Expansion – Illustrative Concept Plan
  12. Historic District
  13. Vehicular Traffic Circulation
  14. Recommended Right-of-way on Georgia Avenue and Forest Glen Road
  15. Existing Lane Configuration at Georgia Avenue and Forest Glen Road
  16. SHA Proposed Reconfiguration of I-495/MD 97 Interchange
  17. Bicycle Circulation
  18. Typical Bikeway Cross-Sections
  19. Recommended Pedestrian Bicycle Link – Illustrative Concept
  20. Pedestrian Circulation
  21. Forest Glen West – Illustrative Concepts
  22. The Street System
  23. Georgia Avenue – Illustrative Streetscape Concept at Section A
  24. Georgia Avenue – Illustrative Streetscape Concept at Section B
  25. Forest Glen Road – Illustrative Streetscape Concept
  26. Mixed Street Concept
  27. Existing Community Facilities

List of Tables

  1. Recommended Street and Highway Classifications
  2. Recommended Bikeway Improvements in Forest Glen Sector Plan Area
  3. Recommended Sidewalk Improvement in Forest Glen Sector Plan Area
  4. Existing M-NCPPC Parkland and Facilities in the Forest Glen Sector Plan Area
  5. Recommended Transportation Improvement
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