Westbard 1982 Sector Plan

Approved and Adopted 1982

The Westbard Sector Plan is as of August 2014, undergoing an update. For information and to find out how to participate, please go to the PlanWestbard web page.

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Table of Contents
Plan Highlights
Area Profile
Comprehensive Planning Approach
Land Use
Design, Facilities & Amenities
Appendix A: Environment Analysis
Appendix B: New Limited Commercial (C-4) Zone
Appendix C: Resolution of Approval
Appendix D: Resolution of Adoption
List of Illustrations

Table of Contents [PDF] (pdf, 658KB)*

Foreword [PDF] (pdf, 257KB)*

Plan Highlights [PDF] (pdf, 221KB)*
Land Use and Zoning Recommendations
Transportation Recommendations

Area Profile [PDF] (pdf, 283KB)*

Comprehensive Planning Approach [PDF] (pdf, 1.97MB)*
General Concerns and Issues
Goals and Guidelines
Design Concept

Land Use [PDF] (pdf, 4.5MB)*
Subarea Alternatives and Proposals
Zoning Recommendations

Transportation [PDF] (pdf, 1.55MB)*
Overall Service
Public Transit
Existing Highway System
Traffic Analysis
Possible Improvements
Trip Generations

Design, Facilities & Amenities [PDF] (pdf, 471KB)*
Edge Treatment
Pedestrian Element
River Road Pedestrian Environment

Implementation [PDF] (pdf, 165KB)*
Public Improvements

Appendix A: Environment Analysis [PDF] (pdf, 877KB)*
Natural Systems

Appendix B: New Limited Commercial (c-4) Zone [PDF] (pdf, 302KB)*

Appendix C: Resolution Of Approval [PDF] (pdf, 446KB)*
County Council, Montgomery County, Maryland, August 11, 1982

Appendix D: Resolution of Adoption [PDF] (pdf, 88KB)*
The Maryland-National Capital Park And Planning Commission, September 8, 1982

List of Illustrations

  1. Regional Location
  2. Vicinity Map
  3. Main Planning Proposals
  4. Major Issues
  5. Properties Most Likely to Redevelop
  6. Design Concept
  7. Existing Land Use
  8. Land Use Plan
  9. Land Use Analysis Areas
  10. Property Ownership
  11. Existing Zoning
  12. Zoning Plan
  13. Traffic Volumes – A.M. Peak
  14. Traffic Volumes – P.M. Peak
  15. Levels of Traffic Service
  16. Recommended Roadway Improvements
  17. Alternate Proposals – River Road
  18. Street and Highway Plan
  19. Shopping Center Pedestrian Protection
  20. 1978 Noise Contours
  21. Stream Channelization and Enclosure
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