East Silver Spring

Approved and Adopted 2000

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Table of Contents
Plan Highlights
Plan Introduction
Plan Recommendations
Plan Implementation
Background Supplements
List of Figures

Table of Contents [PDF] (pdf, 131KB)

Plan Highlights [PDF] (pdf, 242KB)

  • Community Preservation, Stability, and Character
  • Commercial Centers
  • Community Facilities, Parks, and Environmental Resources
  • Neighborhood-Friendly Circulation

Plan Introduction [PDF] (pdf, 180KB)
Planning Context
The Role of a Master Plan
The Master Planning Process

  • Relationship to Other Plans
  • Outreach Program
  • Overarching Issues
  • Next Steps

Plan Recommendations [PDF] (pdf, 1.52MB)
Introduction to Plan Recommendations
Community Preservation, Stability, and Character

  • Introduction to the Theme
  • Land Use and Neighborhood Preservation
    • Land Use and Zoning
    • Revitalization and Diversity
    • Neighborhood Protection
  • Flower Avenue Neighborhood in East Silver Spring
  • Fenton Street Village Neighborhood
  • Piney Branch Road Site
  • Historic Resources

Commercial Centers – Character and Vitality

  • Introduction to the Theme
  • Commercial Revitalization
  • Flower Village Center
  • Clifton Park Crossroads Center
    • New Hampshire Estates
    • Northeast Clifton Park

Community Facilities, Parks, and Environmental Resources

  • Introduction to the Theme
  • Community Facilities
  • Parks and Open Space
    • Stream Valley Parks
    • Existing Parks
    • Future Parks
  • Environmental Resources
    • Air Quality
    • Noise
    • Community Water and Sewer
    • Trees and Forest Conservation
    • Water Quality/Stormwater Management

Neighborhood-Friendly Circulation Systems

  • Introduction to the Theme
  • Traffic Circulation
  • Pedestrian System
    • Master Plan Area Sidewalks and Trails
    • Streetscape Treatments
  • Bikeway System
  • Public Transportation

Plan Implementation [PDF] (pdf, 110KB)

  • Sectional Map Amendment
  • Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments

Interjurisdictional Coordination
Historic Preservation
Annual Growth Policy
Framework for Action


  1. Existing Land Use [PDF]* (pdf, 1.91MB)
  2. Zoning [PDF]* (pdf, 1.10MB)
  3. Selected Terminology [PDF] (pdf, 86KB)
  4. Historic Resources Designation [PDF]* (pdf, 413KB)
    1. Historic Preservation Designation Criteria
    2. Implementation of the Master Plan for Historic Preservation
    3. History of East Silver Spring
  5. Environmental Discussion of Policies and Regulations [PDF]* (pdf, 106KB)
    1. Trees and Forest Conservation
    2. Water Quality and Stormwater Management
  6. Bikeway Plan – Detailed Recommendations [PDF]* (pdf, 220KB)
  7. Silver Spring/Takoma Park Transportation and Circulation Report, M-NCPPC, August 1999 [PDF] (pdf, 72KB)
  8. County Council Resolution to Approve Plan [PDF] (pdf, 887KB)
  9. M-NCPPC Resolution to Adopt Plan [PDF] (pdf, 180KB)

*These actions are incorporated by reference in the Master Plan.

Background Supplements*

  1. Glossary of Planning Terms, M-NCPPC, 1994
  2. Purpose and Outreach Strategy Report, East Silver Spring Master Plan, M-NCPPC, July 1998
  3. Commercial Economic Health Assessment, Takoma Park and East Silver Spring, M-NCPPC, May 1998
  4. An Assessment of Housing and Resident Population in East Silver Spring and Takoma Park, M-NCPPC, February 1999
  5. Proposed Urban Park and Open Space Concept for Silver Spring and Takoma Park, M-NCPPC, 1997
  6. Countywide Park Trails Plan, July 1998
  7. Pedestrian Routes and Bikeways Supplement to East Silver Spring and Takoma Park Master Plans, Preliminary Study, 2001Introduction

*Available separately from the information Section at The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, 8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland

Maps (incorporated into their respective sections)

    1. Overall Master Plan Concept
    2. Areas Recommended for Zoning Changes
    3. Silver Spring/Takoma Park Master Plan Area
    4. East Silver Spring Land Use
    5. East Silver Spring Zoning
  • Community Preservation, Stability, and Character
    1. Community Preservation, Stability, and Character
    2. Location of Multifamily Properties
  • Commercial Centers
    1. Commercial and Institutional Centers
    2. Flower Village and Clifton Park Crossroads Centers
  • Community Facilities, Parks, and Open Space
    1. Community Facilities and Parks
    2. Existing Community Facilities
    3. Existing Parkland
    4. Urban Forestry Concept
  • Neighborhood-Friendly Circulation
    1. Neighborhood-Friendly Circulation
    2. Road Classifications
    3. Forecast Intersection Congestion
    4. Pedestrian System-Framework
    5. Bikeway System-Framework
    6. Fenton Street and Metropolitan Branch Trail Alignment at Montgomery College
    7. Existing and Potential Transit Routes
  • Appendix A – Land Use
    1. Existing Land Use – Area A
    2. Existing Land Use – Area B
    3. Existing Land Use – Area C
    4. Existing Land Use – Area D
    5. Existing Land Use – Area E
    6. Existing Land Use – Area F
    7. Existing Land Use – Area G
    8. Existing Land Use – Area H
    9. Existing Land Use – Area I
    10. Existing Land Use – Area J
    11. Existing Land Use – Area K
    12. Existing Land Use – Area L
    13. Existing Land Use – Area M
    14. Existing Land Use – Area N
  • Appendix B – Zoning
    1. Existing Zoning – Area A
    2. Existing Zoning – Area B
    3. Existing Zoning – Area C
    4. Existing Zoning – Area D
    5. Existing Zoning – Area E
    6. Existing Zoning – Area F
    7. Existing Zoning – Area G
    8. Existing Zoning – Area H
    9. Existing Zoning – Area I
    10. Proposed Zoning – Area I
    11. Existing Zoning – Area J
    12. Proposed Zoning – Area J
    13. Existing Zoning – Area K
    14. Existing Zoning – Area L
    15. Existing Zoning – Area M
    16. Existing Zoning – Area N
  • Appendix F – Bikeway Plan
    1. Bikeway System – Framework – Types of Bikeways
    2. Bikeway System – Framework – Existing & Proposed

List of Figures (incorporated into their respective sections)

  1. The Master Plan Process in Brief
  2. Flower Village Center Illustrations of Street-Oriented Development along Flower Avenue
  3. University Boulevard and New Hampshire Avenue Streetscape Concept
  4. Piney Branch Road and Carroll Avenue Streetscape Concept
  5. Flower Avenue Streetscape Concept
  6. Arliss Street Section Concept
  7. Arliss Street-Flower Village Center
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