Bethesda Downtown Plan

This fresh look at Downtown Bethesda serves as a twenty year checkup, to assess with the community what is great about Downtown Bethesda and what could be better. This is an opportunity for the community, property owners and business owners to refine the vision for a successful Downtown Bethesda. This also involves revisiting the current Plan’s recommendations. Plans address land use and density; urban design and character, open space, mobility, as well as environmental quality. The work on the Plan will be organized around three themes: social sustainability, economic sustainability and environmental sustainability. We ask you all to join us in a shared commitment to: collaboration, creativity and integrity as we move forward together in our work. The forthcoming Bethesda Downtown Plan will update the 1994 Bethesda Central Business District Sector Plan and the 2006 Woodmont Triangle Amendment to that Sector Plan.

New! View the pedestrian and bicycle recommendations from the Bethesda Downtown Plan (video).

New! SAVE THE DATE: January 23, 2017 – First County Council PHED Committee work session on the Bethesda Downtown Sector Plan. See the agenda on the County Council PHED Committee website for more information.

Last Updated: January 12, 2017