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info This archive page is no longer updated and may contain out-of-date information

Map of Properties Discussed

This Map is a companion to the “Meetings List” on this website ( It shows the locations of the properties that have been discussed at meetings with the Bethesda Planners so far.  Owners have been invited to provide additional information including how you can contact them directly and ideas they are exploring for changes to their properties. Several gave brief presentations at the online live Broadcast Property Owners Forum on October 29th 2014.   You can watch at

To use this map, simply click on an individual property. You will then be able to see the address of the property and the name of the owner as well as any additional information that has been provided.

We encourage you all to continue communicating with one another via e-mail, phone conversations and face to face meet-ups to confer, collaborate and find common ground as we move forward with work on the Sector Plan.

 This map will be updated as we receive information from property owners.

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